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We specialize in the management and transportation of medical and electronic equipment, artwork, boutique/department store freight, as well as car lashing, handling every aspect of the arrangement and transportation process. Through our certified partners, we can reach any location worldwide, offering our clients a distinct advantage and added value that sets us apart in the market as Gou Group.

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Medical equipment

Medical Equipment

To handle such delicate equipment, we employ professional operators who undergo specialized training, ensuring the utmost care and expertise in every operation.

Sensitive electronics being handled

Electronic Equipment

Our team of professionals not only oversee but also execute the transportation and installation of electrical equipment with meticulous care and expertise.

Storage area for vehicles

Car Transport

Our comprehensive service ensures safe and efficient logistics for the transportation of vehicles, utilizing specialized equipment tailored for each vehicle type.

Pallet being moved

Boutique Transfer

We are experts in the relocation and transfer of boutiques and department stores offering tailored solutions for each unique retail environment.

Valuable artwork being packed

Artwork Relocation

We specialize in the secure transport of various artwork for exhibitions, galleries, museums, and expositions, as well as the careful handling of furniture for display purposes.

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